Bright Of Life
2006 Young Remained
Words and Music by Marijan P. Horvat

Verse I.
Fortune isn`t what you see my child
But all what you feel
It`s not important what you are my child
It depends on who you areVerse 

II    Marijan
Time after time you will see my child
Which way is your course of life
Don`t be anxious inhale the world
Sea of flowers will be your home

You can believe in our tales my child
But your life isn`t still written down
Don`t stand still when the wheels don`t turn
Reach the aims of all your dreams
the aims of all your dreams
Reach the aims of all your dreams

Verse III
If you recognize the sense my child
To follow the way of the life
Nothing can detain you my child
Because you are the bright of life

Chorus 1
You are not alone my child
You `ll never be alone my child
All time long Im with you


You have time my child
You are the energy my child
All time long I`m with you

Instrumental (all chords 1 tone up)

Repeat Verse I. Heydline

Chorus..2x Heydline